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COVID-19 Rate Tracker

by | Mar 14, 2020 | Stats Collection | 0 comments

As of May 1st, 2020, we have suspended our COVID-19 tracker. While we believe that initially this page served dutifully as a means of raising awareness for the gravity of the outbreak, severe limitations have rendered this data useless. Data inconsistencies were negligible at the start of the outbreak, what mattered most was that policy makers grasped the gravity of the situation. However, the variance in testing procedures, reporting standards, and recognition procedures for victims of COVID-19 has not since improved. Regardless, we are glad to see noticeable progress across many nations, and can only hope that the situation continues to reach remedy.

We’ve prepared a few charts to show the effects of COVID-19 in a country level. Most importantly, we wanted to assess the efficacy of policy measure.

The following charts update twice a day, and are based on the data aggregated by the wonderful team at Worldometer, make sure you check out their site for the full table of reported cases of COVID-19.

Active Cases

Active Case Growth Rate

Fatality Rate